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Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobic Gymnastics is the ability to perform high intensity complex aerobic movement patterns to music. The movements should originate from traditional aerobic exercises. Routines should demonstrate strength, flexibility and dance using the seven basic aerobic steps.

There are five aerobic gymnastics categories: Individual women, Individual men, Mixed pairs (same sex pairs are allowed in GB), Trios & Groups (6 gymnasts).

At Bulmershe we run classes for all three levels of aerobic gymnastics.

RAC (Recreational Aerobic Code). This is the foundation level of aerobics. Girls and boys aged from 8 years old compete in teams of up to 6 gymnasts. Junior teams are aged from 8 - 12 years and senior from 12 years upwards. Interclub competitions are held throughout the year. These gymnasts train for 2 hours once a week.

NAC (National Aerobic Code). This is the second foundation level which is more closely linked to the FIG code of points. Girls and boys compete in all categories, but are limited in with their choice of difficulty elements. Club, Regional and National competitions are held throughout the year at various locations. These gymnasts train for 5 hours twice a week.

FIG (Follows the Code of Points from the Federation of International Gymnastics). These are the International rules for aerobic gymnastics. All five categories are competed in four age groups: National Development (10 - 11 years), Group 1 (12 - 14 years), Group 2 (15 - 17 years) and seniors (18+ years). Club, Regional and National competitions are held throughout the year at various locations. Selection for GB National Squad is made from this category and some of these gymnasts will compete in International competitions. These gymnasts train from 9 hours a week between 3 - 5 times a week (depending on age and ability).

If you are interested in starting aerobics please contact Kerry Scotts on 0118 926 3686 for further details. A background in dance or gymnastics is useful but not essential.

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