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Bulmershe Gymnastics Club

Beginners Classes

Beginners Classes:
- Intended for children with little or no experience in gymnastics.
- Designed to "follow-on" from the club's Leap Frogs (Pre-school) classes.
- Children in Beginners classes work towards British Gymnastics Proficiency awards 5 and 4.
- Parents/guardians may watch their children's class from the balcony area.

Proficiency awards 5 and 4 - Each award includes 10 skills the children learn in class and demonstrate twice a term during 'Badge Testing' lessons. Badge testing dates are posted on the notice boards in the gym.
Once a child has passed Badge 4 they are entitled to move on to the club's Recreational classes.

As there may be a wait for some Recreational classes, children can stay in beginners' classes until a place becomes available - while on the transfer list a child may begin to work towards the next badge.

There is a waiting list for all Beginners classes. To place a child's name on the waiting list please (Click here)